Our startup was created six years ago, out of the need for recycling organic waste, which represents 38% of the garbage that reaches landfills on the planet.

We realized that the tons of organic waste collected daily at the free fairs don’t’ get recycled, which is why we decided to raise worms and feed them with this waste. The Municipality of Buin, aware of this project and the solution we are providing, provided us with land in concession to grow vermicompost and take organic waste from vegetable markets to this plant. This process allows the production of hummus, with which we help fertilize the plants in the green areas of the community.

Everything seemed perfect so far, but worms are very prolific, so we had to devise a way to control their population and, after getting expert advice, we came up with the idea of ​​Worm Oil.

This is a product widely used since ancient times to treat rheumatic pain and scars, because the worm is made up of 80% collagen, a key protein in skin regeneration and tissue strengthening. For this reason, we investigated and came to the conclusion that with the excess of worms, we would elaborate a Red Californian Earthworm Oil.

We were awarded with the Sercotec’s Semilla funds, and with this funding we were able to develop the Oil. A year later, we applied for Sercotec’s Crece, with which we acquired the necessary machinery for production. In 2020, we applied for Corfo’s Expande Seed. We were awarded this fund for being an innovative product, which was not produced in Chile at the time, solving therapeutic and cosmetic problems, with a consequent improvement in quality of life. Afterwards, we brought the product to the ISP Public Health Institute for registration and subsequent commercialization (ISP No. 26825C 1/21).

Currently, we are in the process of getting the Leaping Bunny NGO seal, which certifies that we are a company that’s cruelty-free to animals.