We are a venture that was born six years ago hand in hand with our goal of helping the planet by recycling organic waste, which represents 38% of the garbage that reaches landfills. We realized that daily tons of organic waste is collected at free fairs, which is not recycled, therefore, we decided to raise worms and feed them with this waste. This process allows the
production of three products.

  1. Humus with which we help fertilize the plants in the green areas,
  2. Biofertilizer that is a food that enters plants and trees through the leaves
  3. Worm Oil This is a product widely used since ancient times to treat rheumatic pain and scars, because the worm is made up of 80% collagen, a key protein in skin regeneration and tissue strengthening.

We applied for the Sercotec Seed, which we were awarded and with this fund we were able to develop this project. The following year we applied for the Sercotec Crece, with which we acquired the necessary machinery for production. In 2020 we presented ourselves to the Semilla Expande de Corfo and we were awarded this fund.

We were also winners of the “Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure Award” of the 2022 Sustainable Initiatives Awards, carried out by the LT-PULSO Sustainability HUB