High in collagen

Skin energizing

Fading of expression lines

Cellular regenerative effect

Tissues repair

Treatment of scars

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Cosmetic Californian Red Worm Oil

The cosmetic oil extracted from the Californian red earthworm contains a high concentration of collagen that, through its external application with gentle massages in the affected or treatment area, is a powerful regenerator and revitalizer of the skin, attenuates expression lines, burns, and scars, among other properties.

External Use Oil

Collagen Source

Cell regenerator

Heals skin from burns

Reduces carpal tunnel discomfort

Reduce expression lines

Noticeably fades scars

strengthens the nails

Repairs and moisturizes cuticles

These benefits to the appearance and health of your body are noticeable in a few weeks

Try Dellwi oil, a product made in Chile.